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Meet Me

Wouter S.

Have you ever met a sarcastic philosophical, open minded, creative designer?
If you have, I'm eager to meet that person, if not here is your chance!
An imagination that runs wild from time to time, loves to joke around, always learning new things & skills.
Yup that's me alright.

I started studying design at the age of 13 and haven't stopped since.
My interests are as wide as the color spectrum, so I always have a topic to talk about.
However I like to talk the most about Branding & Design.
That's why I created Pixel Brand.

Pixel Brand & Me

What's there to tell, you wonder? Well then, strap in and fasten your seatbelts, because it has been some ride. Pixel Brand was founded back in 2018 as a direct sales company with a rough start and a hard lesson learned. Due to several financial setbacks, I had to close down that same year. I didn't quit if that's what you're wondering. On the contrary, I went back to the drawing board for a new concept. I found it, It's bold, ambitious and never done before, just not yet time to reveal it.

I know, I know it's no fun; well, if you insist, I could, mhh maybe just a small glimpse.
Ok, fine, I tell you, so we all love our daily coffee, go grab one and enjoy it. You like it? You do? Well, me not so much because I'm sitting here at home, working alone. I would rather pay for your coffee and sit together, have some fun, enjoy talking, learning, connecting, make friends, and lasting relationships. I bet you for a coffee, you would like that too. I'm talking about a co-working hub obviously, wait... that's not all of course.

What's more?
That's a long story, I'll try to keep it short. I grew up as a creative kid and got myself a degree in graphic design. It seems quite normal; however, my story wasn't that bright and shiny. I've had my fair share of struggles in my brief time on this beautiful planet. Born in 1991, you can call me a millennial, so you can imagine how it went, yeah... anyway... moving on.
Because of my giving and helping nature I got from my lovely family, I like to help people who also struggle. As a graphic designer, finding a job and competing with a lot of others is pointless, in my opinion. I know I'm not alone out there, a lot of designers, creatives, freelancers,... struggle to get work, even those with a higher degree. I want to give them a place where they can get a job as a freelancer, rent an office, organize meetings & workshops, create their vlogs, blogs, podcasts, you name it. While also be able to just grab a drink, get popcorn, Netlflix & chill in their downtime. A workspace, a home, a pub ALL in ONE place! Awesome right?

To get there, I will need all the help I can get, including yours, in return you get the first free coffee when It opens and my everlasting gratitude. How can you help? However you would like: follow me on socials, awesome; have a talk and some coffee, even better; need my services, let's get that coffee first, I'm buying!

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