I help building strong & inspiring brands. Branding is much more than just a logo or some fancy colors. It's all about the personality your organization or business has. It's shaped by your customers, community, and your own feelings about your service or product.

Logo & Identity design

Together we explore how to represent your brand at its best. I create a timeless logo & identity design that enhances your & your customers experience with your brand.

Some logo examples created by Pixel Brand
writing on old paper

Language & messaging

Language is as important as Identity & logo design. Together we find the best tone of voice for your brand. An authentic voice across all platforms for your entire brand is the goal to go for.

Brand guidelines

Setting up certain standards and rules make a strong brand. Helping you defining those standards and rules through guidelines for your logo, typography, colors, iconography, images and more is what I do. This wil ensure that anyone and everyone can apply your brand assets correctly.

Scrable pieces spelling standards and rules
Black paper, envelope, notebook, agenda, phone, pencil, pen, business cards, clamps, usb drive and a white eraser.

Platforms & media

How do you want your customers to reach you or your brand? Together we define what platforms and media your brand needs, whether its digital or printed.

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