"Creative Guru"?

You probably wonder why use a term like “creative guru”? You might even think Isn’t he to young or inexperienced to be a “guru” of anything? You are probably right, I'm in my late twenties and haven't had the oppertunity to learn on the job. It doesn't mean I don't know or understand design or even question it. That's where the "guru" starts, I'm quite philosphical and ask myself and others the big, small and silly questions all the time. I love design, but I don't take it for granted. If you are a designer yourself you probably know about the golden ratio and can skill ahead, if not here is a short explenation. The golden ratio is a tool we as designers often use to make something pleasing to the eye, but it's actually a simple "math equation". It goes like this: "A + B is to A as A is to B". Yes I get a bit silly to see it like this, anyway the point is, is this the only tool out there? I don't question the Golden itself, it has proven it's value over millennia and believe it or not it's a tool that nature also uses. I do question it's application, or ways I can use it in my design work.

To question the tools is only a small part of calling myself a "guru". I happen to have a helping nature when it comes to teaching and sharing knownledge, I love to help people understand what they don't. I'm one of those people that believe that all our hate, violence, greed, etc. comes from not understanding eachother or something. Especially in culture, religion, norms and standards there is a devide that we should strive to close up. I try to come in contact with all kinds of different cultures and people, no wonder a journey across the world is on my to do list. It's a means to learn not only about people but also art, design, architecture,etc. so we can connect the dots. Things like where did langauge come from, how did writting evolve is often lost or not known by manny designers, while they actually use it everyday, without understanding. My goal is to teach other designers how to question design and perhaps discover groundbreaking things like the golden ratio along the way.

It doesn't end here, it's not about questioning design only. It's to question everything around us, to understand life itself and the significance or even insignifance of it. I guess at some point we all ask that question. They say "knownledge is power" I would rather refrase it to " knowledge is limitless". Design is often described as a means to solve a problem, so knowing more gives us more options or even a better solution to solve that problem.

This is why I call myself a "creative guru" I question, learn , understand and teach creativity.