The art behind the man

You probably wonder why use a term like “creative guru”? You might even think Isn’t he to young or inexperienced to be a “guru” of anything? Despite my young age and relative short experience as a designer I’ve reached a level that equals people that have 10-15 years of work experience as designer. How did I achieve it? I guess by being me for most of the time. Ever since I’ve stopped going out with friends I started learning via the Internet. Almost everyday I created some design in either Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator for the past 7 years. An Old teacher of mine told me I’m not the most creative type, but rather technical. Even back then I knew I would prove him wrong someday, so I did.

You know as well as me that such an amount of content is bound to have a lot of mistakes and failures in them. That is where I outshine most people, by learning from those mistakes rather quickly and fix what can be fixed I shortened the time necessary to learn something. There is a downside of course, it turns out I’m not perfect, yet a perfectionist when it comes to my designs. With time I learned to turn that downside into something rather useful and perhaps even groundbreaking. I used my perfectionism to enhance my problem solving skills within most adobe programs. It created the ability to make the same exact thing in many different ways. It also helped me to work more efficient by making all my project non-destructive and re-traceable.

It sure doesn’t end here, when you have a helping nature like mine it turns out you’re quit good at explaining and teaching design to others. That’s where the part of the guru comes in. Gifted with such abilities is a blessing that I welcome with open arms. Since I’m also quite a thinker and love to question really everything that will cross my path or mind. It’s obvious I started to do the same with design and creativity. What I found is rather mind blowing!
With a few simple rules and guidelines to follow design became as easy as ABC. It turns out it’s a skill set you can learn just like any other. So what about creativity? That’s where design and imagination meet. It turns out I’ve got quite an imagination, who knew...

Another gift, blessing, talent, whatever you want to call it. Like I mentioned before I’m quite a thinker, so imagination is no big deal. It even goes wild from time to time that Ideas just won’t stop popping up. Of course when it happens I kind of lose myself into my thoughts. So daydreaming and staring is a regular occurrence.
With my philosophical approach on life I often look for the meaning or reason behind the mystery. Sadly even my brain has it’s limits and I haven’t found it so far. I’m well aware I can still learn a lot in many aspects of life and as a designer. Even though I claim to have a good understanding and quite some knowledge about design and creativity I know there will always be someone who can do better and who I can learn from. Our world is in constant motion and in the current age of technology and information we cannot think away design. Even though it’s evolving from stone walls & tablets to plant fibers, from trees to paper and paper to screens. The fundamental rules how we perceive beauty in a design will never change.

That my friends is why I became a creative guru, to make the world a beautiful place.