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The Five W's

Pixel Brand is a Branding and Design Agency. I'll help to (re)define your branding by transforming brand and marketing strategy into pixels or on paper for the old-school friends.

That would be me, Wouter Schroeven, you can read more about me on the about page.

Take a look, you might even like me.

Pixel Brand is currently located in a small lovely village named Duffel not far from Antwerp, Mechelen and Lier; In Belgium.

You can find the details in our footer at the bottom of our website or on the contact page.

I came up with the idea and name of Pixel Brand in 2018.

Officially Pixel Brand opened its doors on April 1st, 2020. No joke. 

I want to help people understand how valuable design and branding is.

The process

Pixel Brand works on a project basis. A typical (re)branding project starts with an extensive meeting to go over the project details. Based on those details, you'll get a price offer that's valid for 30 days.

When the offer is accepted, everything will be transferred into a contract with all the project details. The contract includes the start & end date, amount of revisions, project scope, your contact info, estimated revenue, the project's price, my terms and conditions, my privacy policy. As well as the details for my 50% upfront payment and the chosen option when to pay the other 50%.

There are at least two more meetings during a project, one at half of the project and one at the end. Depending on the project size and timespan, this can be expanded to two extra meetings at 1/4th and 3/4th of a project. These meetings are there to adjust the project and see if we're still on the same page.

In short, no, you cannot. Because Pixel Brand works with project-based pricing, we have to know the full extent of your project before making a price offer. A meeting is the only way to fully grasp the size and work needed to complete your project successfully.

Don't worry, our first meeting is without obligation, and you'll get 30 days to think about it. Isn't that wonderful?

No, more substantial projects with higher budgets have an exception and can be agreed upon with a fixed amount or a 25% upfront payment instead. However, I always ask for an upfront payment. In the creative business, it's far too common that people don't pay for our work when asking to pay after the job is done. The upfront payment is to avoid such scenarios.

I'm really grateful for your understanding.

It depends on the scale of your project. It can take from a day to even a year or more. In this case, size does matter.

I'm also a firm believer in this saying:
We offer 3 services
good - fast - cheap
However you can only pick two:
Good and fast won't be cheap.
Fast and cheap won't be good.
Good and cheap won't be fast.

Since Pixel Brand works with project-based pricing, it varies from client to client and project to project.

I'm a firm believer in fair trade.
An example, the grocery store around the corner won't pay the same amount for their branding project as a multinational. It wouldn't be fair either way. The multinational would think I'm too cheap, and I can't deliver the value they seek. While the grocery store would find me too expensive and would never hire me to get the value they deserve.

With project-based pricing, we can eliminate the problem and price every project according to the value it will bring to our clients.

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