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    "Creative guru"

    Hi & welcome to my website,

    Since you are here, you probably wonder who I am and what I do. I like to call myself a "Creative guru;" no it's not some kind of monster that eat's "creativity" for breakfast. You might have heard of a graphic designer though, basicly the same thing, just with more philosophy and the urge to teach.

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    Meet me

    Who am I? Ha, good question.
    We all ask that question ourselves at least once in our lifetime; the need for Identity, to belong, to be recognized, to stand out,...I doubt we can ever answer that question. We are in constant change whether we want to or not. Ten year old me and twenty year old are not the same person. Just like I'm not the same as yesterday and tomorrow I will be different.

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    About me
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    Pixel Brand

    You've probably wondered by now what Pixel Brand is, right? To keep the answer short it was and will be the name of my company. Currently the project is on hold until I find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ofcourse there is more to it ... , you can read all about it by clicking that fancy button bellow!

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