The value of logo design

It doesn't matter how big or small your company, product(s) or service(s) are, in the end it comes down to make it recognizable. We as humans tend to love things we've seen before more compared to something new. Familiarity is something that comes natural to us. That is why even at the brink of civilization when we just started to trade on a larger scale, things like livestock, food, clothing was branded with symbols, marks or an early form of numbers. That's how we started recognizing where everything came from.

Logos is an old Greek word with a lot of meanings, but the most profound probably is that it means "word" itself. In our modern times it's known as wordmark, trademark or a graphic representation aka symbol of a company name.

So what's the value you wonder?

As humans we also tend to remember graphical images the longest and better compared to speech or words. You probably can connect the dots by now. To be recognizable, memorable, familiar and have a meaning within one symbol, mark or wordmark creates it's own value; this is why I love creating logos.