I always had a notion for motion. Either by setting up vlogs, interviews and webinars or by creating commercials and campaign videos. Even full blown video clips and live concerts are included. By combining design, animation, live action & visual effects, I make astonishing videos for your organization or company.

Storyboards & scripts

Need help finding out what story fits your video needs? With an imagination that goes wild and with a hobby like Netflix & chill that lost control I love to help writing your story. Want to visualize that story? Then let's make ourselves a storyboard, a nice visual sequence that tells your story through imagery and drawings.

What's your story writting with chalk on a blueish chalk board
Animated text messaging on smartphones with a wooden Isometric drawn bridge between connecting the phones.

Motion graphics & animation

Illustrations, images, typography and graphics moving around is a great and memorable way for telling your brand's story. 2D, 3D, complex animation and effects even stop-motion; count me in!

Live action production

Need a camera to capture your story? I shoot, produce and direct all at once. Together with my partners for materials, props, greenscreens and gear I can provide a full video setup for your needs and make sure we capture your best side.

Camera on a table
Glasses laying a desk, magnifying video editing app Icons on a computer screen.

Post Production

It doesn't stop after taking the shots. With professional programs at my side for video editing and creating special effects, I will enhance your footage until it's fit for the big screen and the one in your pocket. Color correction, sound optimization, visual effects, typography, you name it, I'll make it.

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