What is Pixel Brand?

Everything and everyone has a story. This is Pixel Brand's and a part of my story. On the 8th of January 2018 I started as a Brand Ambassador In Cooperation with Geninc, for several months I went door to door and learned the basics in sales while getting paid for it.
Yeah, not really my calling as you can imagine, even though I was my own “boss” it wasn’t what I had in mind of doing for a small amount of money. So I moved on and started Pixel Brand instead as a design agency to be. I saw the future pretty bright and clear back then. Entrepreneurship and design was more in-line with what I had in mind. It started quite good with a few clients early on, sadly owning a company (full-time) in Belgium is expensive and I couldn’t keep up. So after a few months I had to close down and set my dream on hold.

I don’t give up that easy of course, I keep the project alive and made it into my portfolio website for now. The plans to start-up Pixel Brand again are there, the time-line when this will be is still a mystery though. Slowly and steady I’m refining Pixel Brand to be prepared for whenever that day comes.

Pixel Brand
Project Pixel Brand

Let’s talk about goals. What goals do I have in mind for Pixel Brand you wonder? We all start at the bottom, so freelancing is the obvious choice to start with, or not? That’s not really what I have in mind for Pixel Brand, the main goal is to teach others the “dos and dont’s” of design while they are getting paid learning in it on the job. Not easy to imagine how that would look like, right?
It’s quite simple actually, so simple that I can’t grasp why no one else thought of it. Although the idea is simple, to get to there it won't be, there are many challenges to overcome. Perhaps that’s why no one else did it before. One such challenge, is finances something all companies have to tackle and struggle with, just like I did.
Another one is people to teach and teach others. We live in the information age where yesterdays inventions are considered out of date and tomorrow’s aren’t good enough anymore for today. We can almost learn everything from behind a desk thanks to the Internet, a masterful tool no doubt. Hence the reason why I want to bring people back together because we can never learn the human connection of socialization from behind a desk. Graphic design is all about communication, expression & connecting, so why do we hide behind our desks, at home? I want to create an environment where all kinds of designers can come together, share projects, learn new skills, teach their skills to others, find new projects to keep going, etc. Not only for those we consider healthy, I will go trough great lengths to give disabled people the same chances in any design career as anyone else. I’ve seen up close how amazing they are, can be and become when they get that chance. Sayra, a young woman from Pakistan was my first student. I agreed to teach her before I even knew she suffered from Polio everyday since birth. In less then 1 year teaching her, she became a leading example in her country giving motivation speaches, designing for various clients across the globe and upgraded her hardware by tripling her income. She’s one of the strongest and motivated people I’ve come across in my life. Despite her physical limitations she amazes me day after day. Everyone deserves a chance to make their dreams come true! Everyone!