Privacy & cookie policy

Who manages

Pixel brand is owned by Wouter Schroeven and is currently being used as his portfolio website.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small (text) files that are stored on your computer to optimize (speed up) the use of my website. For example, information such as language choice, location, browser type, operating system, etc is transmitted and stored so that I get a good picture of who visits my website and can adjust my content accordingly.

How is the information from cookies processed?

All information is anonymous and can only be accessed via the google analytics account linked to pixel brand and the admin panel of the CMS system Sitemanger that uses. These are two well-secured accounts and can only be accessed by Wouter Schroeven.

All information is used exclusively for the optimization of this website (
So no information is passed on to third parties, everyone is entitled to his or her privacy, including you as a pixel brand visitor.

How do I delete cookies?

The help function in the browser you used to visit the website is the best place to find out. This differs from browser to browser, device to device, operating system to operating system.

Privacy policy for subscribers

What information is used and stored?

For my newsletter I only collect mail addresses. These are only used for sending updates and news about me, my website and the linked social media platforms managed by (me) Wouter Schroeven.
Nobody likes extra unnecessary advertising & spam in their mailbox, including me.
That is why the mail addresses are kept in a separate offline encrypted (locked) file. This is to guarantee the privacy of my subscribers.

How can I unsubscribe as a subscriber?

You can do this in a number of ways:
- By clicking on the link in one of the newsletters received (below).
- By contacting me via the website make sure to include which e-mail address to unsubscribe.
- Send a mail to with the relevant mail address and possibly a short explanation why you want to unsubscribe.