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Content Creations

These are some of my content creations, without any real purpose except to show my skills and expression on art. I love art in general; it helps me to get a better understanding of beauty and enhances my skills with all kinds of art tools and design programs.

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    Anyone and everyone

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    Wouter Schroeven


  • To find the time for finishing these kind of projects
  • Creating art is a challange on it's own
  • Inspiration

These projects often fill my spare time. However, it seems when we're getting older, time becomes filled with other needs. These projects will more and more transform into my social media content strategy and building my brand. I'm looking forward doing so!

My passion for art and design is something I had ever since childhood. I was and still am fascinated by great artists. Creating art can become a challenge when also afflicted with perfectionism, which I am. The beauty of it is that I strive for the best possible results all the time.

Master Chief Line art
Eagle Line art
Wouter S. Line-art
Woman line art
skull line art
Mandalorian Helmet line art
Tiger illustration on a T-shirt
Guru illustration
Woodcut line art

If this work looks familiar, that's probably because it's my learning curve to become as good as Patrick Seymour. He's a Canadian designer who's famous for these kinds of illustrations, originally derived from woodcutting and etching arts. He replicated the technique into Illustrator. It's quite patient work; one drawing can easily take up several hours of work.

Logo examples
Jr Store Logo
Giocarlo, Dress To Impress Logo
Storm Digital Media Logo
Founder's CPA Logo
Amsterdam International Water Week Logo
Coffee cup spilled
Logo Design

I love to compete, so that's what I did. The logos created here are all part of logo design contests that I participated in. They aren't used, however some ended up in the top 10 best logo designs. It's just to showcase my skills as a designer and to give people inspiration with my work.



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