De Delvers

De Delvers are a Belgian post-punk 70thy - 80thy band. They asked me to film their video clip for their single "Poolnacht" and create its cover for multiple platforms.

  • Client

    De Delvers

  • Director

    Wouter Schroeven


  • Create a post production Super 8 film FX.
  • Filming at night with a DSLR.
  • Filming with limited budget & equipment.

Filming at night was quite tricky with my Nikon D5500, it creates a lot of noise in the footage when shooting with a high ISO. Together we came up with the idea of making it look like a super 8 film effect 60-70thies style; it fitted the song perfectly. That solved the noise, even had to add more noise for some shots. I created all special FX myself to give it a unique look and feel, including the super 8 FX that I created post-production.

Because of a limited budget, I had to use my Nikon D5500 for all the shooting, it's not the best camera to film within dark places, and I had to re-shoot a few shots to get good lighting. Most footage was also shot out of hand, which gave it an amateur look and enhanced the Super 8 film effect even more.

Polar bear dancing
Polar bear Walking
Group shot overlayed with a back portret shot at the beach.
Paper heart washes up on the shore.
Playing Poolnacht on spotify
De Delvers Poolnacht Cover image



De Delvers

Production Companies

Pixel Brand & Huisbinnenweg

Executive Creative Director

Wouter Schroeven

Creative Director

Wouter Schroeven & T. Kets

Music Production

De Delvers

Script & Songwriter

T. Kets

Design & film production

Wouter Schroeven

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