Four Aces Guitar Quartet

Four Aces Guitar Quartet or in short FAGQ, is a Belgian classic guitar band. They Invited me to help them launch their seasonal promo video for 2020-2021 and asked me to create their identity design as well.

  • Client

    Four Aces Guitar Quartet

  • Director

    Wouter Schroeven


  • How to include a guitar element into the logo design.
  • Designing a not so classical looking logo for a classical music band.
  • Filming with a limited budget & equipment.

To create the logo I experimented with different parts of a classical guitar and opted for a handwritten type in all of them. The keywords FAGQ gave me were adventure, playful, communicational, quirky, and innovative. I created five logos they could choose from and refined their choice. They loved the idea of a monogram, so I went back to the drawing board and came up with a similar look and feel with some repeated design elements.

For filming, I had to use my own equipment, an older DSLR Nikon D5500. It gave the end result a rustic and hand filmed look at the expense of only having HD resolution. Exactly what FAGQ was looking for.

These images & Illustration are merely a fictional representation for showcasing my work.

FAGQ Woodcut Monogram
FAGQ Vinyl Record
FAGQ Monogram on a white wall.
FAGQ Dark and light Logo
Finding The Right Type

To enhance their classical music style, I opted for a serif font. Because the project also had a limited budget, we agreed to go for a free font they can use everywhere. I chose Garamond, it has a modern touch yet is a classic among fonts. It perfectly alines with their enriched style, logo, and color scheme.

FAGQ businesscards
FAGQ woodcut logo
Brand Colors

A bit Bold, adventurous, innovative, and playful. The colors are the key element to break the rules on a classical music vibe; they are meant to attract a variety of age groups into a new form of classical music. It's also used to organize different aspects of design across their brand.

FAGQ Colors



Four Aces Guitar Quartet

Production Company

Pixel Brand

Executive Creative Director

Wouter Schroeven

Creative Director

Wouter Schroeven

Music Production

Four Aces Guitar Quartet

Voice Over

J. Decleir

Design & film production

Wouter Schroeven

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