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It's no surprise that I did my own branding. It's quite challenging to do so by placing myself in the client's shoes, asking the same questions, and doing your own strategy. It's a real struggle compared to doing it for someone else.

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  • How to design for yourself.
  • Building a new responsive website.
  • Doing it right, the second time.

Designing for myself ain't an easy thing to do. With interests as wide as the color spectrum, defining a style, look & feel is hard to pin down. It all starts by learning who you are and what impression you want to leave behind. Once I had a clear vision, I looked for inspiration and the knowledge to get that responsive website going. A good website needs an excellent building tool. Since I like the local products, I jumped on a relatively new CMS-tool called SiteManager. It's a fantastic building tool, I'm using it for about two years now. It eliminated my responsive website challenge with ease, thanks to its build-in bootstrap system.

Pixel Brand is a project I started back in 2018. I had my fair share of troubles running my own company fulltime and couldn't keep up paying the bills. Two years later, it's time to give it another shot. I'll keep Pixel Brand as an open case-study and update this page regularly.

Pixel Brand Logo 3D textile
Pixel Brand Logo UV-Coated
Pixel Brand Logo on a Wall
3D Pixel Brand Logo on a glass
Finding The Right Type

I chose for an extensive font family and a readable yet playful font. Skolar Sans Latin is a perfect fit. It has 18 weights from thin to black, and it gives me the freedom to design with high contrast and make outstanding typography designs.

Pixel Brand businesscards
Pixel Brand Tote Bag
Brand Colors

When we look at colors, we get a certain feeling:

- Orange for warmth, exotic, young & happiness.
- Purple for mystery, fantasy, creativity & wisdom.
- Blue for strength, trust, confidence & calmness.
- Black for power, formal, luxury & elegance.
- White for cleanliness, clarity, honesty & goodness.

That's why I chose these colors; they represent me in the best way possible, making my Brand a lot more personal.

Pixel Brand Colors
Pixel Brand Snapback
Pixel Brand T-shirt
Building the website

My website is an ongoing project and part of our case study for Pixel Brand. With the right tools & research, I've built it myself. I did my SEO, setup several analytics features, and made it responsive for all screen sizes. With layout and interactive elements in mind, I created an easy navigation to the right information to suit your needs.

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