Whether you are an evolving company or just started, I work with all kinds of different organizations & businesses of all sizes. Together we can clarify your purpose, find your voice, connect and understand your audience and build lasting relationships with your customers & community.

Where do you fit in?

Positioning yourself or your company is where it all starts. It's all about how you or your company wants to be seen by your customers. Determining your competitive advantages and target marketing are also two important steps. These are the first steps in the right direction for building lasting relationships with your customers & community.

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User Profiles

Who are your customers? That's what we will define together so we can build a user profile for target marketing. It will help us predict how your community will act towards your brand and pin point pain points we can redirect and adjust in the right direction.

Brand Strategy

Defining what kind of attributes your brand will and won't have, will set it apart with it's own personality. Together we will set the right tone of voice, find fitting imagery and (re)define your style to make your brand stand out and recognizable.

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Follow Up

Strategy walks hand in hand with numbers attached to it. Together we will analyse all the new data & revenue to create a proper case study for every project. I will closely guide you on the journey with each project until all the desired results are achieved.

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